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Fees and Charges

Powerclub is an Australian owned, wholesale energy retailer that doesn't charge exit fees or have confusing discounts and wayward charges. Powerclub provides Members with access to wholesale electricity prices, charges and operational expenses at cost, so you only pay for the energy you use, the services you get and nothing more.

What can you expect to pay?

Four main components make up your Powerclub electricity bill:

  1. Wholesale energy costs
  2. Distribution costs (for the poles and wires and other network costs)
  3. Government schemes
  4. Retailing costs

Powerclub will itemise the various pass-through costs on your invoice. As a Member, you should understand what you’re paying for and the different components that make up your electricity bill. Being well-informed helps when it comes to choosing how you purchase and consume energy.

In accordance with the applicable regulatory instruments, there are several retail fees and charges associated with the sale of electricity to domestic and small business customers. These are known as the retailer’s fees and charges and are required to pay under your Contract. Please note that these do not represent an exhaustive list of fees and charges you may be required to pay.

Where applicable, we will also pass on any fees and charges levied by third parties. These will include but are not limited to, charges relevant to the supply of electricity to your Supply Address, such as certain miscellaneous charges from your distributor. You may also incur charges based on the payment method you have selected, such as merchant fees imposed by your or our financial institutions.

These will be set out separately on your bill, and the full amount received from you will be paid directly to such third parties. All fees and charges listed are subject to variation as per your Contract. Please refer to Supply Address and Rates Schedule for your rates.

Cheque Dishonour Payment Fee

Powerclub does not charge a fee if your cheque payment is dishonoured or reversed.

  1. Reconnection Fee – when you are moving into a property. Standard connection fee quoted for next business day only.
  2. Disconnection Fee – when you are vacating a property.

For same-day or after-hours reconnections or more information about fees, please call us on 1300 294 459 or visit your local distributor's website for a full list of fees.

Payment Processing Fee

  1. Direct Debit and Credit Card fees – Powerclub does not charge a processing fee for direct debit and credit card payments. If you choose to pay by AMEX, Powerclub may charge a processing fee of up to 0.7%. A fee may also apply for over the counter payments made at an Australia Post outlet.

Request for Historical Billing Information

Powerclub Members can log into their Member's Portal to download their previous bills. If you ever need of us to provide you with copies of information about your previous Powerclub bills, we’ll be happy help you out - but we may charge you for the cost of supplying copies of the bill.

Other Charges

If a government, regulator or network distributor varies or introduces a fee, charge or tax, we may pass through all or part of this varied or new fee, charge or tax to you. The charges for network-related services may include our reasonable costs for arranging such services.

Late Payment Fee Exclusion

For electricity contracts, the account holder receives the Low-Income Household Rebate or the Medical Energy Rebate:

  • if the bill that was not paid by the due date, or another bill under your account, is the subject of a matter being considered by the Energy Ombudsman;
  • if the bill is subject to an arrangement to pay by instalments under a payment plan;
  • if any part of the bill is paid by a voucher issued under the Energy Accounts Payment Assistance Scheme; or
  • if we are aware that you have sought assistance to pay the bill from a participating community welfare organisation that issues vouchers under the Energy Accounts Payment Assistance Scheme.

Powerclub's Fees and Charges

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