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Did you know that all electricity is sold through a wholesale spot market? Last financial year in Victoria, between the hours of 9am to 5pm, more than 14% of the time (SA was 27%), electricity wholesale spot prices were either FREE* or credited* to members' Powerbanks for their benefit. *Note that the spot price does not affect other costs like network charges and daily supply charges which are fixed annually. It only affects members' Powerbanks.

9 to 5 businesses are a natural fit for the wholesale spot market.

Solar is rapidly growing and the sunny days are flooding electricity into the wholesale market, driving an increase of cheap midday wholesale spot prices, and as you know being a 9 to 5 business, that's when you use most of your power.

Why be like every other business and pay a fixed rate for electricity when you can access the electricity wholesale spot prices through your Powerbank?

Powerclub is young, innovative, 100% Australian, uses a no-profit wholesale pass-through, with 100% carbon offset, and being the only member-owned electricity retailer make you as a member, part owner.

With Powerclub's wholesale pass-through, you could significantly reduce electricity costs and save hundreds, or possibly thousands of dollars a year depending on how much electricity you use.

Powerclub helps local 9 to 5 businesses harness wholesale power and take advantage of low midday prices.

9 to 5 Business Graph

Much of 9 to 5 usage occurs at the cheapest part of the day, avoiding the higher morning and afternoon prices and resulting in an average wholesale cost of energy significantly cheaper than a business operating earlier and particularly later in the day.

Why should you pay what other businesses pay?
While you're a winner on wholesale power much of the time, it won't be all the time, but there will also be times when electricity is so cheap you are effectively paid* to take it.

Here is a real example of a 9 to 5 Victorian business for the first 19 days of September 2021, with most of the usage during low or negative wholesale spot prices. Powerclub anticipates this type of low midday pricing for spring, summer, and autumn for our members.

For this business in September, Powerclub's already competitive forecast rate of 7c/kWh is been further reduced by 80% compared to the wholesale spot price which is averaging 1.39c/kWh.

This business uses 100 kWh/day and based on the wholesale rate to date, is expected to save $154 in September. A 200 kWh/day business would save $308 on the same basis.

Annual savings can be substantial.

Like all markets the prices go up and down, you should read about Wholesale Spot Market and how Powerclub helps smooth variability and your cashflows by creating your own Powerbank to hold the savings, which then get passed to you.

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*all prices shown in this item are ex GST

Watch our 9 to 5 Business Webinar here.

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