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Why should you switch to Powerclub?

Same energy – better price

Through our no-profit-approach, Powerclub has more freedom to think outside the box to create the most competitive pricing for our Members. We use the latest technology, a lean approach, and low overheads to be more efficient than many other retailers.

We’re Member-Owned

Powerclub is Australia’s only Member-owned electricity retailer, giving you access to wholesale energy spot prices with bill smoothing technology from Powerbank. Being Member-owned means our first point of business is to focus on great service, which is why our entire team is based right here on home soil.

Bill smoothing technology

Your Powerbank is like a reserve fund, set aside to cover the ups and downs of wholesale energy spot prices so you can pay a fixed rate per kWh. When wholesale prices go up, your Powerbank covers the difference, and when prices fall, the money you save tops your Powerbank back up.


Don't take it from us - here's what our Members say

Need more reasons to go wholesale?

Naturally Greener

The high amount of rooftop solar power in Australia has impacted the wholesale energy market by driving a reduction in day-time energy prices. By shifting some of your usage to the middle of the day, you can save money while helping to lower Australia's reliance on fossil fuels.

Smart Meter Upgrades

To see the most significant savings, you'll need a Smart Meter. That way, your energy usage will be digitally recorded every 30 minutes, which means you can avoid higher prices by adjusting your usage. For around $100 a year – it's a smart solution to help reduce your annual electricity bills.

No lock-in contracts and no exit fees

Powerclub won't charge exit fees if you choose to switch to another retailer. If you choose to leave the Club one day, you will be refunded the balance of your Powerbank when you go.


Choose what you pay for electricity

Joining the Club gives you more power to choose what you pay for electricity. In fact – Powerclub Members can save hundreds of dollars a year simply by shifting the use of energy-intensive appliances to cheaper times.

You see, the spot price of wholesale energy goes up and down, just like stocks on the stock market. While the cost of energy ebbs and flows, it generally follows a pattern that’s easy to predict. Powerclub helps you to keep track of wholesale energy spot prices so you can easily shift your usage and save money!

Start saving in 4 easy steps

  1. Join the Club
  2. Open your Powerbank
  3. Download the Powerwatch app to track wholesale energy spot prices
  4. Start saving!

Powerclub is the only Australian energy retailer to be Limited by Guarantee, which means that we will never profit from your energy use. That’s because, unlike other retailers, we don’t have shareholders – we have Members.

Download our free Energy Kit

Find out how Powerclub could save you hundreds off your annual electricity bills. Our energy plans are incredibly popular, so it may take up to an hour for the kit to arrive. Hang in there - we'll get it to you asap!