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Welcome to the Club

So, you’ve joined the energy revolution - Welcome onboard!

Hi there,

This Welcome Booklet details our commitment to you as well as information about our payment terms, how your bill is calculated and Powerclub's policies.

You will also find links to Powerclub's;

  1. Retail Contract, which outlines the terms and conditions for your electricity plan
  2. Powerbank Contract, and
  3. Direct Debit Contract

We recommend that you save this link so you can access the information in the future. If you have trouble opening any of the documents, please give our Member Advocate Team a call on 1300 294 459 or send us an email on info@powerclub.com.au.

If you have not agreed to sign up to Powerclub or have otherwise not initiated this request, please contact us.

While you're waiting…

We recommend you check out some of the cool features of the Powerwatch App. Powerwatch will show you the predicted wholesale price for the day, and notify you if a high price occurs so you can power down and avoid depleting your Powerbank. Once your transfer is complete, you will receive a link to access the Powerclub Portal where you can track your usage against wholesale prices, and monitor your Powerbank balance.

Welcome, once again, to the Club

From the Team @ Powerclub