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Powerclub's Virtual Power Plant

Australians are leading the renewable energy revolution, installing more than 2.5 million rooftop solar systems. Collectively, the systems generate more than 10 GW, which is more than eight times the generation capacity of the decommissioned coal-fuelled Hazelwood power station.

Virtual Power Plants (or VPPs) are immerging as a vital part of our transition to renewables to help keep the grid balanced, provide assurance of supply, and monetise your energy assets.

A VPP is a network of rooftop solar panels and battery systems pooled together to feed electricity into the grid during peak demand periods. By harnessing the collaborative benefits of Power Ledgers energy trading platform, Powerclub's no-profit processes, Sonnen's battery technology and Sharpe's commitment to service and price, participants can maximise their battery system and increase the value of their solar exports.

Unlike other VPP's on the market, Powerclub passes on 100% of the revenue made from selling your solar generation to the wholesale market during high price periods. By taking advantage of wholesale market fluctuations, the VPP can help shorten the payback period of your system and start generating a profit faster.

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Join the revolution

You're invited to join our test-group to assess the functionality, limits and expected outcomes from our newly developed VPP software and provide valuable feedback to our tech-developers.

As a VPP pilot participant, you will:

  • be the first to access and test-drive improved features designed to optimise your return from the wholesale market,
  • be the first to receive software upgrades designed to improve the visibility of your solar and battery system operations.
  • receive regular communications and updates on the Pilot, as well as reports detailing the value you receive by participating.

What's in it for you?

Save on your battery

The first 10 participants will receive a $2,000 discount to the retail cost of their battery

Guaranteed savings

We guarantee that you will not pay more than your daily supply charge and rate per kWh immediately before joining the Pilot and will remain so for the duration of the Pilot.

Technology service fees are waived

Power Ledger will waive the daily service fee for the provision of the VPP software for the duration of the pilot term.

Assess your eligibility

Sharpe Energy Hub experts can assess your eligibility to participate and provide you with a quote for solar and battery installations.

C: +61 8 8370 9555


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