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Substitute and Estimate Reads

From time to time customers with a smart meter will get substitute or estimate reads data recorded instead of an actual read. This could be for several reasons, as outlined below.

As soon as your Metering Data Provider (MDP) has resolved the issue the actual read is automatically sent to Powerclub so we can update your billing. If your actual read isn't sent through until after you are billed, don't worry, your bill is always adjusted retrospectively to match the actual read.

Your Powerbank is calculated independently to your bill, and for customers who had a substitute or estimate read your reads will be checked and re-calculated monthly, at the start of each month. For example if you get an estimate read in the middle of the month, it will be corrected at the start of the following month (usually by 3rd or 4th of the month).

Why do I get sub or estimate reads?

Even though smart meters are remotely read and should always be sending 'actual' data on a daily basis, from time to time this connection is disrupted and the metering data provider (MDP) will instead provide substitute (S) or estimate (E) data.

There are many types of (S) and (E) reads available, which are determined by your MDP. Some common examples include:

S15 - Substitute 15, Average Like a Day - takes the average data from previous 4 weeks of available reads.

S51 - Substitute 51, Previous Years Method - takes a read from the same day in previous year.

A full list of substitution and estimate types are listed on AEMO's Metrology Procedure Part B

Rest assured that as soon as Actual (A) reads are available they are sent by the MDP to Powerclub to be updated in your bill, and in your Powerbank.

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