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Submitting a self-meter read

If we can't gain access to read your meter, we'll automatically generate an estimated read for your electricity retailer. From 1 February 2019, you can ask Powerclub to adjust your bill based off your self-meter read.

If we are unable to access your electricity meter, we may provide you with a bill based on your estimated energy consumption. Your estimated bills are based on your previous consumption levels, considering seasonality and general consumer trends in your area.

We require at least one actual read from your distributor each year. So, if you've sent us self-reads for the last 12 months, we will require an actual read from your distributor next time.

If you're not happy with your estimated bill or want to send us a reading, you can contact us by;

  1. Phone– call our Melbourne based Member Advocate Team on 1300 294 459, and they will guide you through the process of how to read and submit your meter reading.
  2. Email – send us a photograph of your meter, which shows the meter number and current reading along with the date and time stamp to, and we will adjust your bill.

We will accept your self-meter read where;

  1. the self-read was submitted three days before the due date on your bill.
  2. based on the information provided, we believe your self-meter read is likely to be correct.
  3. the photograph of your meter is time-stamped and shows the meter number along with the reading.

How to read your electricity meter

If you have a digital meter, take a record of the numbers on your meter from left to right, ignoring the final number. ThIn the example below, the reading is 2518

If you have a digital meter, ignore the dials labelled 1/10 and 1/100 as these are check dials. Record the number for the other dials from left to right. If a pointer falls anywhere between two numbers, always record the lower number.

Timeframes for rectifying metering malfunctions vary

  • for a small customer - as soon as practicable and no later than15 business days after they have been notified of the malfunction
  • for type 1-3 metering installations - as soon as practicable and no later than two business days after notified of the malfunction
  • for all other metering installations - as soon as practicable and no later than10 business days after being notified of the malfunction

Supply a self meter read

Contact our Member Advocate Team to provide your read