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Your Powerbank Plan

As a Powerclub Member, you always pay wholesale for the energy you use; however, your rates will depend on your meter and network tariff.

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Powerclub passes on your network and metering costs as we receive them. Therefore, your plan and rates depend on several factors.

Meter Type

There are three basic types of electricity meters - A Smart Meter, A Basic Meter and a Manually Read Interval Meter. If you have a Smart Meter, your plan will show '+ Smart', and be either Flat or Flex, based on your network configuration. Most Victorian households and businesses already have a Smart Meter, so your Powerbank Plan will be either Flat or Flex, based on your network configuration.

Flat vs. Flex

Your home is already set up to match a particular Network tariff and retail plan. The difference between our Flat and Flex Plans are the Network tariff. Networks are the companies that own the poles and wires that deliver your power, and they have two basic types of tariffs:

  • A Peak tariff charges you a flat delivery rate for every kWh you use.
  • A Time-of-Use tariff splits the delivery rate into two or three periods: Peak and Off-Peak or Peak, Shoulder and Off-Peak.

Powerclub will verify your Network tariff and metering when you join the Club and place you on the relevant plan type, specific to your unique configuration:

  • For Peak tariffs, you will be on a Powerbank Flat Plan.
  • For Time-of-Use tariffs, you will be on a Powerbank Flex Plan.

You may also have Controlled-Load and Solar which will show on your plan type and electricity bill.

If your initial selection does not align with your Network tariff, we will send you a corrected rate confirmation, combining your meter and network costs with Powerclub's wholesale electricity rate and non-profit retail charges.

Changing your Network Tariff

Everybody uses power differently, so depending on when you use most of your electricity, one tariff may give you cheaper delivery than another.

Becoming a Member gives you the power of control. Powerclub will monitor your unique usage patterns to ascertain whether you could save more by switching Network Tariffs. To accurately assess whether switching will be financially beneficial for you, we need at least three months of data. If you believe you would be better off on a different tariff, contact us to discuss your options. It's important to remember that once you switch tariffs for a property, you cannot switch back.

To switch to a Powerbank Flex Plan, you will need a Smart Meter or an existing Basic Meters that supports Peak, Shoulder and Off-Peak. Smart Meters come with an additional third-party Supply Charge for their provision, installation, and maintenance. Installing your new Smart Meter will cost between 11c - 40c extra per day depending on the type of meter you require. Our Member Advocate Team can provide you with more information and a quote.


From July 1, 2019, all energy retailers must have a Victorian Default Offer (for VIC only), or a Default Market Offer (for QLD, NSW, ACT & SA). Powerclub's VDO and DMO do not include the benefits of Powerclub's Membership, including wholesale rates. Our firm belief and recommendation is that no Australian should ever be on any retailer's' DMO or VDO, including Powerclub's. There will always be a better offer available.