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Move-In Fees

Powerclub is an Australian owned, wholesale energy retailer that doesn't charge exit fees or have confusing discounts and wayward charges. We will pass on the standard network fees for your Early Meter Read, without any retail mark-up on top. All move-in meter read requests will be included on your first bill.

If the meter technician attends the site and can not get access to your meter, your request will not be activated. You will incur any additional fees to secure your application.

All fees are effective as of 1 August 2021. All prices are GST inclusive.

What do you need to do?

To ensure the metering technician has safe, unobstructed access to your meter if you aren't home, please;

  1. unlock your meter box if there is a lock on it,
  2. unlock your gate, if the meter is behind a closed gate,
  3. if you are in an apartment block, please ensure your Site Manager or Maintenance Manager is aware and can give the technician access to your meter,
  4. ensure any pets on your property are adequately restrained,
  5. ensure your MAIN SWITCH is in the OFF position