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Your moving checklist

Moving house - No matter how big your family is, how long since your last move, or how much clutter is sitting around, the process can be pretty energy-consuming. That’s why we’ve put together this checklist, so you can save your energy for setting up the new place!

Plan your attack

How are you going to get all your stuff from A to B? Do you have the cash to splash on a removal service? Or will the temptation of free takeaway be enough to get friends to lend a hand? If you can’t sort out a set of wheels or anyone to help, there are plenty of “man with a van” type services online. They’re a relatively cheap solution to avoid hiring a whole crew of removalists. Alternatively, by booking removal services for a midweek move when prices are lowest, you can save significantly. Contact the company you have in mind in advance to hear their rates and don’t be afraid to compare prices.

Having enough boxes can often be an afterthought. But this can be a real source of stress if the job is neglected. And who wants to spend unnecessary money on boxes? Check what you have lying around the basement. Ask friends and family who may have recently moved. You can even take a walk around the local shopping area to see if store owners have any out the back that could be recycled. People are generally more than happy to oblige.

Pack, label, optimise

While packing, consider what you might be able to get rid of. Control your inner hoarder and throw away anything that’s no longer useful. Or give it away to someone who’ll appreciate it more, like your local charity shop.

It can be tempting to cut corners here and there as you’re packing. But don’t skim over tasks like labelling boxes properly! What might save you time now is only going to cause you grief on the other end after things are inevitably mixed and muddled in transit.

Once you’re all boxed up, consider getting everything into one area that’ll give your moving team a clear and easy path from the house to transport. This is going to be appreciated by your helpful friends. You can also save money if you’ve got removalists who don’t have to spend heaps of time going between rooms.

Are you moving house? Powerclub has got you covered

Disconnect your utilities and consider your options

Make sure you remember to disconnect your gas, water and electricity before you leave, to ensure you’re not paying someone else’s amenities. The government offers advice online for movers to avoid problems with disconnecting and reconnecting. So, if in doubt, check that out. And double-check you don’t have any outstanding bills to pay so that you can go into the new place with a clean slate.

While you’re at it, take a look at what other options are available. Moving to a new house can be the perfect opportunity to reflect on whether you could be getting a better deal on things like energy. You can shop around by visiting a government comparison site to find the best fit for you. Powerclub is ready to help you start saving – switching providers is as easy as ABC, 123.

After the storm

Leave time to come back and clean once all your belongings are in the new place. It can be a real drag if you’re driving in a car full of boxes and suddenly remember that you’ll have to go back to the old digs to vacuum, mop, maybe even paint. If you’ve saved money on boxes and a moving team, why not consider treating yourself by getting a cleaner in? That way you can save your energy for the exciting stuff.

Last but not least, change your details and contact information with relevant parties such as your bank, road authority and subscription services. Nowadays, with the convenience of the internet, this process is far less tedious than it used to be. It can be quite gratifying, making these official changes and letting reality sink in.

Your Moving Checklist:

  • Organise your moving team
  • Source your boxes
  • Pack, label and organise your belongings
  • Make a plan for cleaning
  • Turn off utilities
  • Compare options to find a better deal
  • Change your address with relevant parties

With everything ticked off your moving checklist, now you can relax and settle into your new home. As you enter this fresh chapter, take a look at what makes Powerclub different and consider making the switch. With energy at wholesale spot prices and innovative tools to help you save big on your power bills, there’s plenty of reasons to join the Club.

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