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Powerclub saves SA a motza on electricity!

12 August 2019

There’s a new player in town that's shaking things up by offering you the opportunity to purchase energy at wholesale rates – potentially saving South Australians over $1,000 a year. If that sounds appealing – and why wouldn't it - you'll want to know more about Powerclub.

Powerclub is opening the doors to wholesale electricity spot prices for households and small business, with innovative tools to help smooth out the inevitable ups and downs of the wholesale energy market. The recently published South Australian Energy Price Report found the difference between the best market offer, which was from Powerclub and the worst offer is $1,065 per annum for an average household using 6,000 kWh per year.

Powerclub does this by shrinking its operating costs, and for an annual membership fee of $45 or $90 for small business, Powerclub passes on electricity rates, charges and operational expenses at cost - that's right, no profit margin.

Powerclub's Founder, Stuart McPherson, grew up on a family farm with community values like not ripping off your neighbour. After examining his over-priced energy bill, he became determined to build a fairer system for everyday Aussies. "I wanted to change the energy industry by offering something completely open and honest so that Members would know for a fact; they weren't getting ripped off."

To help Members keep a lid on the up and downs of wholesale spot prices, Powerclub has introduced Powerbank which acts like a 'rainy day fund' so you can pay a forecast rate per kWh. It covers the difference when prices are high, and tops-back-up when energy prices are low.

When you join the Club, you open your Powerbank with a one-off contribution of $40 for every 1,000kWh of electricity you use annually. For example, if you used 6,000 kWh per year, you would contribute $240 to cover the wholesale fluctuations. Powerclub holds your Powerbank in trust, and the balance is refunded if you decided to move on in the future.

Powerclub wants you to get involved with your energy use to enjoy the savings. If you’re a 'set and forget' customer who wants to use energy whenever you want – you won’t get the most value from wholesale pricing. On rare occasions, the wholesale market can experience short bursts of high prices, primarily in peak summer, that you should try to avoid.

To help track high prices and avoid them, Powerclub has developed a nifty app called Powerwatch. It alerts you when prices spike, and advises you of ways to reduce your consumption, so you're not draining your Powerbank by paying too much for your energy. By turning off what you don't need during a price spike, Members can save themselves a small fortune.

Most of Powerclub’s energy plans work with any meter type; however, a Smart Meter allows you to take advantage of wholesale spot prices better – powering up when prices are low and powering down when prices are high. Powerclub can arrange a Smart Meter upgrade once you’re a Member. Solar owners and especially those with battery storage are excellent candidates for Powerclub as you have a higher capacity to control your energy use from the grid.

Powerclub is the first retailer in Australia to bring a unique way of delivering wholesale energy at forecast rates using Powerbank. They have set out to challenge the status quo and change the way people buy, sell and use power. Powerclubs Founder, Stuart is excited about the future of the company "We'll continue to strive for innovative concepts that give people more benefits and control." There is no slowing down for Powerclub – and there are more savings to come!

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