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Powerclub is crowned retailer of the year!

9 October 2019

We're the new 'Club on the block' giving control back to Aussie households, one electricity bill at a time.

Earlier this year, Powerclub set out on a mission to make electricity prices more affordable and transparent - and the energy industry has noticed.

Out of 36 retailers, energy comparison site Mozo crowned Powerclub as the 'Energy Retailer of the Year' in the recently announced Experts Choice Energy Awards. We received a total of 15 Mozo Experts Choice Awards, including eight awards in the small business categories.

"Our awards acknowledge the retailers who we believe are worth considering for your home and to see a newcomer, like Powerclub, perform outstandingly in this year's awards is sure to give other retailers a run for their money," said Mozo Expert Judge Peter Marshall in Mozo's October 3rd news article.

Powerclub is Australia's first (and only) Member-owned, wholesale energy retailer. Our structure is similar to a charity or community club, so we don't profit from our Members energy use. In fact, under our Constitution, any excess revenue will be returned to Members or reinvested back into the business for their benefit.

Powerclub is breaking new ground in the energy sector by giving Members access to wholesale electricity prices, with the bill-smoothing Powerbank. We use the latest technology, a lean approach and low overheads to be far more efficient than many other retailers, which helps to keep our rates low. Our Members only pay for the energy they use and service they get, and nothing more. You see, when you join a Member-owned Club, it's designed to work for you.

Powerbank smooths fluctuations in wholesale prices - covering the difference when prices are high and topping up when prices are low. Powerclub Members can actively manage their electricity costs and avoid paying too much by reducing usage when electricity prices creep up. By exploiting variations in the wholesale market, Members can potentially save hundreds of dollars on their annual bill.

"The team was thrilled to win Mozo's Energy Retailer of the Year Award," said Powerclubber Renee Mariette. "It has motivated us to continue striving for more innovative solutions to reduce energy costs further and challenge the status quo in our industry."

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