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Challenging the status quo

Innovative businesses are born out of inspiration and hard work. Powerclub is striving to create a fairer, more transparent energy model by making wholesale electricity spot prices available to consumers through a no-profit structure.

We've seen excellent examples of modernised energy businesses overseas, but innovation was severely lacking in the Australian energy retail sector. We saw an opportunity to challenge the status quo and give everyday Australian's chance to participate in the wholesale energy market – passing the financial benefits to Members in doing so.

Big ideas, however, don't just happen overnight. Launching a start-up is fiercely competitive – especially in the Australian energy sector. It's survival of the fittest and categorised by waves of change and shifts in paradigm.

Inspiration - human innovation

Our big idea was formed when our founder, Stuart McPherson, stumbled across an opportunity to invest in a commercial solar farm but uncovered flaws and lack of transparency in the retail energy market. Australians were coughing up more than they should for power, so he saw fit to do something about it.

Stuart’s discovery led us to our mission today: to deliver power to the people through access to wholesale electricity spot prices and a non-profit process. Stuart wanted Members to know for a fact that they weren't getting ripped off. Since our launch in March 2019, we have helped hundreds of Aussie homes and businesses save on their annual electricity costs – and more are coming on board every day!

Our innovative tools and technology, like Powerbank and the Powerwatch app, are designed to give Members more control over their electricity consumption and what they pay for it. Because Powerclub is limited by guarantee, our Members pay for the electricity they use and the services they get ‘at cost’ - potentially saving them hundreds of dollars yearly. We run a lean business to ensure our Members aren't paying for steep overheads.

Despite the milestones, Powerclub is still a young company with a lot of potential up our sleeves. We’ve just started our journey towards shaking up the industry and changing it for the better. We are still perfecting some aspects, but we never stop improving and innovating.

Dedication - overcoming challenges

Launching a start-up

Like most innovative start-ups, Powerclub has experienced its fair share of challenges in meeting a never-ending and sometimes unrealistic list of expectations. There have been a few hard lessons along the way that taught us to control our capabilities and resources, and not rush into growth without proper testing.

This was particularly important when it came to developing new technology to give Members access to the wholesale market. Connecting our innovative technology with existing independent tools was a digital maze, but we persevered and met our promise to deliver more insight and control for our Members. Creating an energy retailer for the digital age requires us to be super agile and protective of our Members from Cybersecurity threats as well.

We've been very fortunate to have an amazing and dedicated team on-board that bring a wide range of skills and ideas to the table. There are a million and one things to do and only 24 hours in a day, but our team embodies the Powerclub’s essence of openness, creativity and commitment to breaking the mould.

Learning from the competition

The Australian energy market has expanded over the past decade, giving customers more options when it comes to choosing the right energy provider. Competition poses one of the biggest challenges for any startup, but it can also be used as an opportunity to work smarter and improve the quality of service. We’re continuously learning from the failures and successes of our competitors, as well as our own, to better understand how we can provide a service that consistently exceeds our Members expectations.

The ever-changing playing field of the electricity industry keeps us on our toes. We work hard to evolve as a business while remaining true to our pledge to bring forward new ideas that empower our Members. Whether that’s looking for ways to provide cheaper rates, developing new technologies to help you better track your usage, or finding ecological solutions for homeowners and businesses.

Giving clarity to our offering

Our mission is to make electricity work for the people. We recognise that before this happens, you need to have the right information in your hands. The electricity market can be complex to navigate so we’re committed to helping you understand how the wholesale market works. This way you can get the most out of our technology and learn to exploit the system to your advantage.

Powerclub's model is very different, and it may not be suitable for everyone. Our dedicated Member Advocate Team is available online or through our Melbourne based call centre to help you make an informed decision. Whether you want to know how the Powerbank works, or have questions about the wholesale energy market, we're here to help.

We hear you

Powerclub will continue to validate the quality of our service by actively listening to our Members’ feedback. After all, Powerclub functions on the basis that when you join the Club, you become a part-owner, just like a shareholder in a conventional company.

Our Research Team and Engineers are always hard at work, improving our technology and infrastructures to provide you with the most innovative solutions. One of our current projects, in partnership with Energy trading software company Power Ledger, is to launch a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) in South Australia.

Power Ledger’s VPP technology will enable participating Members to export their stored solar energy at peak periods of demand. This gives them the highest value for their exports while alleviating pressure on the grid and reducing Australia’s reliance on fossil fuels. The technology will save Members thousands of dollars and reduce their dependence on a laggard energy industry. We expect to expand the VPP across the east coast in early 2020.

Powerclub is the people’s innovator - empowering you with more options and far greater control, and growing to be the reliable energy partner Australians have been looking for.

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