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Powerclub marches to demand climate action

20 September 2019

Powerclub's CEO and Founder, Stuart McPherson, says "our government needs to know that we want action, not inaction on the climate issue". He has pledged to march in the Global Climate Strike on Friday 20th September in Melbourne and has encouraged the entire Powerclub management team to join him.

Powerclub is one of 2,300 leading businesses from nearly every major industry who are supporting their employees join the march.

"This issue is far too important for workplaces to ignore. We are damaging our planet at an alarming rate and we need to do our part to demand effective climate solutions, especially regarding energy policy," said Powerclub's CMO, Renee Mariette.

Climate change is a particularly polarising subject and worthy of robust discussion; however, we believe the time for action is now. "Regardless of whether you believe the science that evidences climate change or not, what harm could come of reducing pollution to preserve our beautiful planet? On the contrary, if we choose to do nothing, and the scientific evidence is correct, we will end up in a whole world of trouble" said Stuart.

Powerclub will take part in this historic event, along with millions of people of all ages from over 150 countries. "It’s going to take all of us, working together to bring about positive change. If we leave this world a little better than we found it – we've succeeded as a community" said Renee.

If you want to join the Climate Crisis Strike this Friday click here to find out where the march will take place in your town. The power is in your hands, so join the movement to support the preservation of our planet for future generations.

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