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Does your business operate between 9 am to 5 pm?

If it does, then your business operates during what is usually the cheapest period for wholesale electricity spot prices, making it a 'natural fit' for wholesale energy.

Electricity is naturally cheaper and greener around midday due to the growing volume of solar generation.

With Powerclub's wholesale pass-through, you can significantly reduce this business cost and save hundreds, or possibly thousands of dollars a year depending on how much electricity you use.

Powerclub helps Australian businesses harness wholesale power and take advantage of low midday prices.

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Much of 9 to 5 usage occurs at the cheapest part of the day, avoiding the higher morning and afternoon prices and resulting in an average wholesale cost of energy significantly cheaper than a business operating earlier and particularly later in the day.

Why should you pay what other businesses pay?

While you're a winner on wholesale power much of the time, it won't be all the time, but there will also be times when electricity is so cheap you are effectively paid to take it.

Like all markets the prices go up and down, you should read about Wholesale Spot Market and how Powerclub helps smooth variability and your cashflows by creating your own Powerbank.

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